pix BJoe Bellmer is a fourth generation Dairyman. Joe is the current owner of Bellmer wholesale, doing business in central Ohio since 1995.
In 1998 he met me, Beth. After four years together the talk of an ice cream shop would be daily.

Finally… May 26th 2002 Gypsy Joes was open for business. Neither of us had any experience in retail, but with Joe’s knowledge, having been in the wholesale business, all did well.

Funny story, first weekend in business, a few people coming in, then more and more… Soon we had a line out the door. After an hour or so of non-stop scooping, I come to find out, my sister and brother in law, Kathy and Mike, were in the bushes giving people money to come in and try us out! This was their gift to us, for our opening. People still talk about it, years later!!!

So… 2002 was awesome, a new business and Joe and I got married on New Year’s Eve. What more could a girl ask for?!

Pix C11 years have passed, our business is better than ever. We have three grandchildren and yes, Joey, our four year old.

Our family (all of us), take a hand in running Gypsy Joes, and our family is why we feel so blessed to have the awesome business we have.